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A Micro website may be of interest to you if you already have a powerful web existence and want to advertise a sub split of your business. We can custom models to be regular with established organization marketing or offer a completely new style, whatever is most appropriate in a given situation. Micro website can be designed along with e-mail promotion and advertising in order to improve results. Micro internet sites are often used as squeeze websites for The search engines AdWords and other web page promotion and advertising activities, where customers are focused to these websites rather than a main organization web page. This can be of benefit when presenting new products or special deals as this can increase the affect of product specific promotion and advertising.

Another common use for micro websites is in creating a web existence for smaller companies, particularly those with a restricted budget and content. In our experience, microsites are an excellent way of advertising qualities such as holiday cottage, rentals and flats.

The days of dumping millions of dollars into a massive corporate Website are numbered. Most Internet users complain about poor user interfaces and the time it takes to locate specific information at these sites. The more relevant your Website, the better the results. It makes more sense to build a Micro Website or Landing Page dedicated to a single promotion. The goal of Always-on Marketing is to integrate online with offline promotions. Imagine being able to measure direct mail, radio, TV and print advertising effectiveness by directing prospects to an interactive Landing Site. With the help of online reporting, you'll see how effective each campaign tactic is, in real-tim.

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